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My Favorite Christmas Gift!

     I hope you’ve all been enjoying this fun giveaway, and enjoyed learning about all our favorite Christmassy things! Today, as we wrap up our twelve days, it’s my turn. And I’m delighted to tell you about my favorite Christmas gift! Actually, I have two, but they kind of tie together, as you’ll see.…
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What To Do After Launch Day!

So Where Hope Begins is now out in the big wide world. Godspeed, my lovely. And yesterday was a little nuts. The nerves. The onslaught of notifications. The well wishes and fun comments, and feedback. All wonderful and totally mind blowing, not to mention a tad overwhelming. Oh and did I mention a Facebook LIVE…
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10 Stages of Book Birth – An Exposé

Today we are one week away from the release of my new book, Where Hope Begins. And there are a million things I should be doing right now. So I’m blogging. As you do. Also, since I connected my blog to my new website, I’m really not sure anyone is seeing it. So if you…
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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Moms I know and love. Those with us and those who have gone before us. This day is hard for some of us, I know. I miss my Mom too. But I’m grateful for the memories. Grateful for the legacy she left us. And grateful that I got…
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And So We Choose This Thing

Thirty one years. Today. I stood before him in a long white gown that cost more than my father wanted to spend, but he bought it for me anyway, because it was the one and he was ‘the one’ and my Dad would have bought me the moon if I said I wanted it. I stood…
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All Good Things

Ever been in a place where you were just awed by the majesty of God’s creation? While we were in California on our anniversary trip, one thing we knew we wanted to do was see the Redwoods. Having only seen photographs of these amazing trees, I could hardly wait to experience them up close. It…
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A Different Perspective

Welcome to another Throwback Thursday Post! We’re talking about my California anniversary trip that inspired me to write The Memory of You! If you’re just jumping on here, you can read last week’s post here. Today we’re going to to talk about perspective. Meaning, how we view things, the world, our families, friends, co-workers. Sometimes…
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Some Reflections . . .

I should be working out right now, but it’s way more comfortable on the couch. 🙂 And I have some stuff to say. Thing is, I’m not quite sure how. My mind swirls with thoughts that some days make sense and some days . . . well. So I just keep quiet. You know? I…
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A Christmas Giveaway!

I’m thrilled to be participating in the 12 Authors of Christmas Giveaway, going on all this week!! We have a bunch of amazing authors here, so don’t miss out, and please tell your friends! Now who doesn’t want CASH AND BOOKS at Christmas??? I don’t know about you, but I sure wouldn’t mind! 🙂 Here’s…
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Where Is Your Identity?

I’ve just returned from a few days in Nashville, where I attended the American Christian Fiction Writers annual conference. I was trying to figure out dates in my head and I think this must be at least the eighth conference I’ve attended, and still, I’ll be honest, it’s the best of times and it’s the…
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Join The Fun – Bridge of Faith Launch Party!

May 1, 2015 | 3 Comments

As you may know, my latest novel, Bridge of Faith, released in April! I’m really excited about this book, and so pleased with the great reception it is getting so far. A HUGE thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed the book. You’re the best! We’ll be celebrating the official launch of Bridge of…


When It Gets Real … Get Grateful

April 29, 2015 | 10 Comments

That dream? You know the one. The one you’ve held tight to, let go of, buried and unburied and brushed off too many times … that dream you sometimes wouldn’t share with anyone because it scared even you? That dream you maybe cried over, prayed over, cursed and called yourself names over … because somehow…


Will You Give It Up?

April 17, 2015 | 9 Comments

Reading through my blog posts lately, I had a thought. Wow, this is depressing. Okay, yeah, that was my thought, but I kind of giggled afterward. Not just because it’s true, but because it’s been so much a part of my journey of late. All these challenges, battles and trials, the wondering, the waiting. And sometimes…



April 9, 2015 | 2 Comments

If you don’t like champagne, grab a coffee or your favorite beverage of choice, but come on in and join the party! Bridge of Faith HAS RELEASED!!!  Stay tuned for more excitement over the next few weeks – we’ll be having an official Facebook Party to celebrate on May 29th, which will give you all…


My Favorite Christmas Gift!


I hope you’ve all been enjoying this fun giveaway, and enjoyed learning about all our favorite Christmassy things! Today, as we wrap up our twelve days, it’s my turn. And I’m delighted to tell you about my favorite Christmas gift! Actually, I have two, but they kind of tie together, as you’ll see.

I didn’t see it coming. My husband and I had been married for a few years. He was about to enter his pediatrics residency, and I was finishing up my degree at The University of Toronto. Of course we’d talked about kids. But one day, down the road, when life wasn’t so hectic. Maybe when we were a bit older. And we had money.

But then a strange thing started to happen. I began to get melancholy. A niggling thought started poking me, and wouldn’t quit. All of a sudden, without warning, I really wanted a baby. Of course I ignored this minor interruption to our lives, because it was silly. I knew we weren’t ready financially, and our small one bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto barely had room for the cat. We lived in student housing for goodness sake! We couldn’t bring a baby into that! Well, except, lots of people did. Babies were everywhere. I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing one. And that annoying feeling wasn’t going away. So I cautiously broached the subject with my husband. And was kindly but very firmly shut down. For all the obvious reasons.

I have a few flaws. One being that I’ve never taken well to being told no.

But if I recall, I was pretty good. (That’s probably a stretch). I’d bring it up every once in a while. I enjoyed watching my friend’s little boy, and we babysat for our niece and nephew quite often. But the answer was still, ‘not yet’. And somewhere along the way, even as I pushed back tears when I walked past a baby store (yes, it was that intense), I resigned myself to the fact that I would just have to wait. If I could have told my young self a few things . . . ha!

Months went by, and we didn’t talk about it much. Or maybe we did, I can’t recall. But life went on. And soon it was Christmas. My parents were flying in, and we went north, to spend a beautiful snowy Christmas with my in-laws. On Christmas morning, the family gathered around the Christmas tree to open our gifts. And that’s when my husband presented me with a small box. Jewelry, I thought. He’s good at picking just the right thing. So I opened the box with a grin, flipped the lid, and didn’t see anything. Then I looked again. And there in the box, instead of a ring or necklace, was a business card. Upon closer inspection, my eyes landed on one word. Obstetrician.

Everyone else in the room might have been a little confused. Especially when I burst into tears. And I had to explain that no, I wasn’t pregnant. But I knew what that card meant. It meant that 1989 would be a good year to begin expanding our family.

And it was.

Coincidentally, this little cherub, our Christmas baby, is 29 years old today.

Happy Birthday, Sarah! You were our greatest Christmas gift!!

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