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All Good Things

Ever been in a place where you were just awed by the majesty of God’s creation? While we were in California on our anniversary trip, one thing we knew we wanted to do was see the Redwoods. Having only seen photographs of these amazing trees, I could hardly wait to experience them up close.


It was the kind of sight that takes your breath away. And sometimes we need that, don’t we? Sometimes we need to be reminded that God is the creator of all things. That’s He’s the one in control of this crazy world. Not us. And thank goodness for that!

As I thought more about the book I wanted to write over the coming year, lots of things kept pointing me back to that thought. All good things come from Him. And I knew the characters in The Memory of You would have to learn that lesson.

Sometimes Tanner wished they still did things the old-fashioned way. An hour or two of taking his frustrations out on a bunch of grapes might do wonders for his soul.

Both Natalie and Tanner are strong-willed individuals, with struggles that sometimes seem more than they can bear. I knew their journeys were going to be interesting, and at some point, they’d have to come to realize that giving up control over things you can’t change is the first step on the path toward healing. But I won’t give any more away!! We are in countdown mode to release day now! Several cool things are happening.

If you haven’t yet read The Things We Knew, it’s still on sale and you can grab the e-copy for $1.99!

ThingsWeKnew 2-03b (1)

And on March 28th, the day The Memory of You releases, we’re having an online party!! I hope you’ll join us! It’s going to be on Facebook – and you’ll find the event link on my Author Page, or you can bookmark in now if you like HERE!

Memory of You chat party

It’s been so much fun reminiscing about my California trip with you. I hope you’ll join me on the 28th! I’m so looking forward to it!

When was the last time you stood in awe of God’s majesty and gave thanks for all the amazing gifts He gives? 


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