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What's On Your Christmas List?

Incase you need reminding, Christmas is just around the corner! I hope you’re excited, because I sure am. It is without a doubt, my favorite holiday of all. I’ve started decorating and we’ll probably get the tree up this week. My kids won’t be home until right before Christmas this year, so we’ll see if I can hold off on the tree decorating since they want us to decorate together, like always, but I may have to put at least a few ornaments up!

So, in light of the season which also means the giving of presents, I’m curious to know if you’ve purchased any books for anyone? Although I’m a confessed e-reader, I still LOVE the feel of a book in my hand. I love looking at the covers, flipping through the pages, and yeah, I even love the smell. E-books are convenient, but the real deal just can’t be beat. I have a pile of books sitting on my kitchen table right now. None of them are for me, but you can bet I’ve enjoyed looking through them. I miss the children’s Christmas books though. My kids used to bring home a big pile of Scholastic books around this time, and there were always a few awesome Christmas stories on the pile. In fact, I still have all our favorites and I put them out every year, even though my kids are no longer little. Here are just a few of the books you’ll find us reading again and again each Christmas!


But I’m especially tickled this year knowing that my book is out there too, and maybe it will find it’s way under somebody’s Christmas tree!

What about you? Do you have a collection of favorite Christmas books? Are you buying books as gifts? Tell us about it. What books do you love to give this time of year? Any books on your wish list for Santa?


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  1. Carrie Chwierut (@CarriesSocial) on December 5, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    You mentioned the Scholastic books. Oh gosh, I used to LOVE those! It was so exciting to pick out the books you wanted from that colorful flyer they had! My school used to have book fairs, too. Those were fun.

    I’m never quite sure what someone would like to read, so I usually end up buying them a gift card to a book store (it’s what I would want, too).

  2. Gloria C on December 5, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Almost everyone on my list gets at least one book. I haven’t figured out how to gift ebooks or I’d be sending my latest around this year as I have in years past when I had a new book come out. I know how you feel about your book being under the tree. Way cool, huh?

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