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More Coffee … Need

Yeah, okay. But it’s Monday morning and I just spent two hours working on changing up this blog, and five minutes ago I sat staring at this screen in full out panic mode, thinking I’d just deleted the ENTIRE THING!!

So I need more coffee.


Because this is pretty much me in the morning. And, not gonna lie, sometimes in the afternoon. I’m lovely. Really.

Okay, so here’s my new digs, like it? I’m still fiddling, but honest to Pete, I have no idea what I’m doing. Like I said, I thought I almost deleted the whole thing and that was fun. But anyhow, here we are. Just the three of us.

Yeah, blogging. Still wrestling with that one too. But, if the new title of my blog gives you any clue, here’s what I’ve decided – the words matter. 

They do. Your words. My words. They matter. Because life is crazy. And far too short. I don’t want to miss a thing. So I write. And I read. And there is hope to be found in the words. I really do believe that.

So here we are, 2016. Wow. I’d be more excited, but I need that second cup of coffee. No, seriously, I’m really excited about this year.

Because, this.


Yep. This has been a long time coming.  THANK YOU THOMAS NELSON, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Truly, it’s been a blast working on this book so far, and I cannot wait until it’s out in the world!

Okay, so it’s still a long time coming. July 12, actually. 182 days. Not that I’m counting. 🙂 Yes, I’m counting. I’m allowed. 🙂

Well, you can click on that baby to find out more, and you know . . . pre-order if you want. No pressure. Ahem. You can also find out more about my other books under the very conveniently titled header, BOOKS.

So that’s what’s up for this year. I’m hoping to connect here on the blog more often (Mmm I think I say that a lot). I’m sure there’ll be lots of fun things to come as we get closer to Release Day . . . meanwhile, I’m busy on edits, and my next book after this one, (yes, already. You have no idea . . .), and generally doing life without losing the JOY. Which I said was my word for the year. Mine and apparently the entire population of Texas’ – but no worries. Joy is good. Joy works.

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Yes, there I am. Being joyful.

So today, since it’s another stormy day, I’ll probably sit around and drink coffee and slash some more words out of this next book . . . I know, you feel that pain. I’ll come up with a more meaningful blog next time.

Meanwhile, drop me a note here. How’re you doing so far this year? What’s on your calendar and what are you excited about?

‘Till next time …



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  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser on January 11, 2016 at 10:14 am

    Love the post, love the cover, love the Border Collie!

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