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Meet Author Darlene Franklin!

Who are you?
I am from Ellis Island and mystery, high school sweethearts and faith hope and charity. I am from strong women, three mothers and loneliness. I am from poodle cookies and chocolate glazed mayonnaise cake. I’m from red velvet dresses and braided rugs.

I am from rocks and hills, crashing waves and fog horns. I am from “ayuh” and Hahvahd Yahd. I’m from biting black flies and chirping chickadees. I’m from lilac bushes in spring and bouquets of wildflowers in summer. I’m from riding bicycles around the block and long walks along the coast line. I’m from Yaz and the Big Cat, marching band and Number 7. I’m from three-room schools and Chizzle Wizzle.

I am from “Do not ask what your country can do for you” and “I have a dream” and “Old Enough to Fight, Old Enough to Vote.” I am from My Boy Bill and Bach and the Beatles. I’m from Dr. Seuss and Nancy Drew, Charles Dickens and Dick Francis. I’m from “those were the days” and Walton’s mountain.

I’m from the Other Son of Man and “if it was Greek, I’d understand it.” I’m from Vacation Bible School and “In the beginning.” I’m from Sunday night hymn sings and “Wonderful Grace of Jesus.” I’m from “Why?” Doesn’t Matter Anymore. I’m from neither height nor depth and from the deep, deep love of Jesus.

Where are you now?
In a short, non-poetic answer: I currently am a resident in a nursing home in Oklahoma. I’m a writer, with twenty books currently out and six more coming next year. And I’m a proud mother and grandmother!
Where are you going?
I am working on a book of devotionals based on the hymn “It Is Well With My Soul.” For my answer, I will give you the last two stanzas of this beloved hymn:
But, Lord, ’tis for Thee, for Thy coming we wait,
The sky, not the grave, is our goal;
Oh trump of the angel! Oh voice of the Lord!
Blessèd hope, blessèd rest of my soul!
And Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight,
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll;
The trump shall resound, and the Lord shall descend,
Even so—it is well with my soul.
I look forward to the coming day when I see my Savior face to face in the place where there is no more pain, and reunite with my mother and daughter, who have gone on ahead of me.

About Darlene:

Award-winning author and speaker Darlene Franklin lives in Oklahoma near her son’s family.
Darlene loves music, needlework, reading, and reality TV. She has published several titles with Barbour Publishing, including her two latest releases, A Bride’s Rogue in Roma, Texas, and Merry Christmas, With Love, in Postmark: Christmas. She has also written two books in the Texas Trails series with RiverNorth Fiction, Lone Star Trail and A Ranger’s Trail. She’s a member of Oklahoma City Christian Fiction Writers.
You can find Darlene online at her Website  and on Facebook

 Inheriting a steamboat from a father she’s never met leaves Blanche Lamar in a quandary. Add to that a likeable rogue, Ike Gallagher, and the water muddies even more. Can she and Ike successfully navigate through love, or will they abandon ship?



  1. Maxie Lloyd-Hamilton Anderson on November 16, 2012 at 2:59 am

    I am looking forward to reading this book. I won it on a blog, but haven’t received it yet. It sounds real good. Maxie ( 0

  2. Cathy West on November 16, 2012 at 11:14 am

    Darlene, I LOVED your who am I response! Beautiful writing!

  3. Darlene Franklin on November 16, 2012 at 11:36 am

    My friend Carla Olson Gade suggested “Where I’m from” as a writing prompt on her blog quite awhile ago. It was fun. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Maxie Lloyd-Hamilton Anderson on November 23, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    Darlene, I still have’nt received my book, “A Bride’s Rouge in Roma, Texas”
    Maxie ( )

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