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Buzz – Say What??

I’ve ‘labeled’ Mondays on the blog as “Book Buzz.” It’s an interesting thing, this concept of ‘buzz’. I’m not sure when the word as it is most often used today, entered our vocabularies. I certainly don’t remember using it as a child. Here’s what I found in an online dictionary:



1. a low, vibrating, humming sound, as of bees,machinery, or people talking.
2. a rumor or report.
3. Informal . a phone call: When I find out, I’ll give youa buzz.
4. Slang .

a. a feeling of intense enthusiasm, excitement,or exhilaration: I got a terrific buzz from thosePacific sunsets.
b. a feeling of slight intoxication.
Like I said, interesting. I think when we use the word buzz in the world of publishing, we mean that a lot of people are talking about a particular thing – and this is good. Would you agree? For instance, if I said my debut novel had a lot of good buzz, you’d know what I meant, right?
SO, how do we generate this ‘buzz’? Why do some books get a ton of it and some books get very little?
How long does the buzz last? How long is it supposed to last? What indeed, is the lifespan of your average buzz?
As a new author, I worried a lot about the kind of buzz my novel would get. I wanted it to be good of course, and I wanted it to continue for a long time. I think a few months is probably the average for a debut novel. In my case, I’d say the buzz surrounding Yesterday’s Tomorrow has probably waned. I’m not sure there is much I can do now, after almost a year since the book’s release, to help it reach a wider audience. (Well, a movie deal would be sweet, but I don’t see that happening).
Is buzz the result of the author or publisher’s hard work in promoting a book? Or does it just happen?
I’m asking a lot of questions this morning, aren’t I? Oh, there’s another one!
But I am truly curious about this. Tell me what you think about this concept of ‘buzz’ – have you experienced it personally either with a book you’ve written or read? Does buzz ‘go viral’ so to speak? When I say that, I think of a series like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. All of a sudden everyone’s talking about the books, and reading them.
What do you make of the buzz concept, and what are you buzzing about today?
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