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Are We Having Fun Already?

Truth – I woke up discouraged today. There’s nothing funny about that.

I immediately began to asses the reasons behind my discouragement, and, as usual, it comes right back around to the fact, true or untrue, that I feel like I’m failing as an author. Failing to market my books effectively. Failing to continue to spread the word, to find innovative ways that will have people picking up my books like they were the last bars of chocolate on the shelf. Failing to live up to my own dreams of what having not one, but two books out there might look like.

Dang. The list is longer, but I won’t bore you.

When I have a problem, I try to fix it. So I immediately sent my brain on overdrive as I sipped my coffee, coming up with all sorts of ideas that I could implement to boost interest in my books. But then I thought, to heck with it. This is exactly how you drive yourself crazy. This is why you swore that this year would be different. Less stressful. More fun.

So get over yourself already.

You see the abuse I put up with?

But she’s right. I mean, I’m right.

A wise person once said, “When it’s not fun anymore, stop.” Oh, wait. That was me. Well, writing is still fun for me, so I’m not stopping. I may have absolutely no idea where I’m going with it at this point, but hey, who doesn’t love a little mystery?

Feeling like a failure is no fun. It’s crappy actually. And not necessarily true. SO I am going to laugh it off. And if you’d like to help me, that’d be cool. Every Friday, or thereabouts, I’ll try to post something that gave me a giggle. You can do the same in the comments. Tell me a joke. Tell me about your Mom. Whatever.

I do have a slightly strange sense of humor though, you have been warned.

This is something that recently made me laugh. (Warning: There is some language toward the end that may not be allowed in your house, and I can’t bleep it out…sorry).

How about you? What’s made you laugh lately? 


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  1. elainestock on January 11, 2013 at 11:27 am

    Here’s a joke I recently saw onTwitter that is still making me grin: a font walked into a barroom and the bartender said,”Sorry,we don’t serve you type here.”

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