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Hope begins in the dark. 

The stubborn hope that if we just show up

and try to do the right thing,

the dawn will come. 

-Anne Lamott 

This quote has been my touchstone the past few years. Because life gets hard. And sometimes we lose our way, forget where we’re going and focus on where we’ve been. You know? Some days it’s so easy to lose hope. Easy to live in pain, and spend all our hours wondering when it will get better. And that’s no way to live. Yet I know so many of us feel stuck, feel like there isn’t going to be a better day

There will be.

I wish I could heal every hurting heart out there, truly, but all I have to offer are my words. So my prayer is that somehow the words I write will touch someone where they need it most. With each of my books, I wish to not only entertain, but to offer hope, point you toward a better tomorrow, and give you something that resonates, so you know you’re not alone.

Thanks for joining me on the journey!